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Nisha's leaving update notice

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Nisha's leaving update notice

Post  Nisha on Sun Aug 28, 2011 8:07 pm

Ok Im going away for a week so there are some things I'm fixing up and then leaving:

  1. Made the buttons.
  2. Fixed it so that the new topic symbol matches the height of the forum thing.
  3. Added flags from the regions.
  4. Put in some real life geographical locations.
  5. Made a rough guide to how I think the regions should be given out, which is underneath this.

So that each of the feudal factions has a neutral region that only they border, Kitami and Sapporo should be given to the feudal factions. Obihiro or Wakkanai should be given to the Warlord, because they borders both of the feudal factions and the neutral region that everyone borders. Im leaning towards Wakkanai cause then it wont border two neutral factions. So to sum up the confusing paragraph.

Obihiro-Neutral [bordered by everyone]
Kushiro-Neutral [bordered by Kitami]
Hakodate-Neutral [Neutral bordered by Sapporo]

I'll leave the descriptions of the areas a little vague so you guys can edit them to be specific to what you want them to be.


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