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Character Template [Civilian]

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Character Template [Civilian]

Post  Kimura on Sun Aug 28, 2011 1:43 pm

Character Template

Optional Image Here

Name: What is your name? Full, please.
Title: Titles earned from achievements, unless it is personal and unknown.

Character Quotes: Has your character said anything noteworthy?

Age: How old are you?
Gender: What is your sex? (Male or Female)
Blood Type: A, B, AB, O

Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Body Frame: Small, Medium, Large, Ect.
Sound of Voice: What does your voice sound like?
Personality Type: Extrovert, Introvert

Choose the hand in which you are most skilled with, not the loophole that you can use both.
Handed (Writing): Left, Right, Ambidextrous
Weapon (Wielding): Left, Right, Ambidextrous

Hobbies: What are things your character enjoys doing?
Habits: What are things your character does that makes him/her unique? Good or bad
Likes: What are things your character likes?
Dislikes: What are things your character doesn't like?

Appearance: Please give an in-depth description of your character's appearance, head to toe.

Personality: Please give an in-depth description of your character's personality.

Background Check: Please give a medium length history of your character's past up until this point. Describe how he gained certain items, social status, clothing, personality traits, et cetera. These aren't required, however, there is nothing that cannot be said here. Please don't be lazy.

Specialty: Photographic memory, good at a certain thing, ect.

Theme Song: Does your character have a theme song?

Did you read the rules? Code


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